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The Alarm is Sounding January 11, 2009

Filed under: Urgent Word — Pastors Rick & Carol Mora @ 7:15 am

Good Morning Friends,


As my husband and I came together yesterday in prayer, there was such a presence of God surrounding us and the Lord spoke a few things into our heart that I feel I am to share with you.

Everyday millions of people are awoken by the sound of their alarm and they have a choice whether to hit snooze, totally ignore it or get up and begin their day. Well God has spoke to us that he is sounding the arlarm and this alarm is for His people to ARISE AND SHINE !!  As we prayed the Lord laid it on our heart to Pray and Prophecy over the Pastors and Teachers throughout the world to Rise up and equip the saints for the work of the ministry. The time is here and it must be done! Church is not a social club, it is not your job as a pastor or teacher to be a people pleaser, it is time NOW to give them the PURE word of God so they can be a part of the end time harvest!! God has a work and it will take every person in the body of Christ doing what they have been called and ordained by God to do!!

If you are not a pastor or teacher, make sure you are in a body of believers where you are being equipped!! You do not want to go out into battle without being ready for it!!

The time is NOW, ARISE and seek Him with all that is within you!!

God Bless you,

Pastors Carol & Rick Mora